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I know the Rogue has been quiet this week, but she has been BUSY! After some fun exploring and some very productive meetings in New Orleans (can’t wait till I can tell you more about that!), we headed off to Texas. Most of you know Texas is home for me and the vast majority of my family lives there.

After driving across Louisiana in some horrible rain storms – think 20 mph on the highway with everyone’s flashers on and wipers at full speed because you can’t see the cars in front or in back of you – those kind of storms. I finally gave up & stopped in Jennings, LA for the night. 30 minutes later, the storms stopped. Oh well! I got a good night’s sleep at least.

The next morning, it was on to Houston for an overnight visit with my aunt & uncle and my dad & stepmom.  Then I was on my way to the Dallas metroplex to see the rest of the family.  I spent a fun 3 days driving all over Dallas and seeing aunts and cousins. Of course, this Cowboys fan got herself a new tshirt while she was there!

Next post is Texas – Part 2.  It is a big state and I have lots of family and friends there!

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