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I have heard for years that Colorado was beautiful and some place not to be missed. Everyone who raved about the breathtaking beauty of Colorado was right!

Yesterday morning, I drove from the New Mexico border up to Denver. It is hard to find enough adjectives to describe the views of wide open plateaus, many full of grazing cows, being dramatically interrupted by the majestic Rockies.

There was even a bit of excitement. Driving up I-25, I started seeing work zone, reduce speeds signs. Given the ups & downs and twists & turns, it was no surprise that the signs and speed reductions started a few miles before the work zone. The next set of signs advised us to turn off two-way radios and cell phones that it was a blasting zone.  Shortly after the northbound lanes crossed over into the southbound lanes, creating one lane in each direction, they were stopping every vehicle to ensure that we turned off radios and cell phones because they were actively blasting! There was a rockslide the size of a house covering the northbound lanes. I wish I could have gotten a picture but there was nowhere to pull over and stop. Fortunately the rest of the drive was uneventful.

The majority of the day I was in meetings in Denver, so I didn’t really do any sight-seeing there, but I am looking forward to being back in October for the Women in Tech Summit and seeing more.

After the meetings, I drove back down to Colorado Springs to make a quick visit to the Air Force Academy and to do some sight-seeing this morning before I head off to see my cousin in Oklahoma City.  My next post will be from my birth state!

Good morning from Colorado!

This lunch at Kachina in Denver was photo-worthy – Pretty and delicious! Green Chili, Chicken Frybread Taco and Grilled Cactus Salad with grilled cherry tomatoes and avocado.

The views at the Air Force Academy are stunning and the architecture of the Cadet Chapel is inspired.

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