Dodge City, KS & Oklahoma City, OK

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Fortunately the next phase of my drive was uneventful weather-wise. It was sunny and warm as I made my way through Kansas and Oklahoma.

The 1st stop of the day was in Dodge City. I was hoping to be at the Boot Hill Museum while there was a gun fight. I was a few hours early, so I passed on going through the museum and walked around taking photos instead. 

Dodge City has a historic strip where they have maintained a bit of the Old West charm – with a covered boardwalk running across the storefronts.  That walkway also has their walk of fame where I found this cool marker

I’m going to have to do some research and see if we are related.

Dodge City also had some really interesting street/pole signage. Where other cities might put up flags, they have these metal cut-outs and wood carved signs. Each one is a different scene. 

The other landmark in Dodge City is the 100th Meridian marker.  I was officially heading “back east”.

My 2nd stop of the day was an unplanned one. As I was traveling the back highways, I passed a sign for the Coronado Cross park. I was intrigued so I swung right in.

The cross marks the spot where Coronado’s exploration party celebrated Mass after crossing safely the Arkansas River. Beyond the size of the cross and the view, it was intriguing because of the history.  We all learned about Coronado’s explorations, but we think of him as being in Mexico and the American Southwest.  To contemplate that he actually explored the interior of the American continent as far north as Kansas and beyond, 100+ years before the Pilgrims landed, was eye-opening and thought-provoking.

After a little contemplation and prayer, I was back on the road to Yukon, Oklahoma – just outside of Oklahoma City. I was having dinner with my cousin and spending the night there.

Read the next post for my adventures in Oklahoma.

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