Car camping! Night 1

Day 1 is in the books. Made it over 500 miles to Bristol, VA. Other than remembering that big trucks & mountains make for slow going on 2 lane highways, it was an uneventful drive. Uneventful is good! 

I am camping in my car tonight. Did you know you can park RVs (or in my case, a Rogue) overnight in Walmart parking lots? As long as it is just 1 night and you park at the far parts of the lot, you are good to go. 

I have a small camp lantern and a small fan that should let me be comfortable.  Worst case scenario is it gets a little warm and I need to slightly crack the windows.  Doors are all locked and I am settling in for the night. By the way, did you see my other travel companions in the front window? 😉

Sweet dreams all. Onward to Birmingham, AL tomorrow. 

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