Virginia, Tennessee & Alabama – Day 2

Photo album

Day 2 was looong! From Bristol, VA to just north of Mobile, AL with a great side trip. (See the Lookout Mountain post for details).

The 1st half of the day was beautiful. The 2nd, not so much.  Heavy rain made for slow driving so I didn’t get to my stopping point till late. A quick “camp” set up (hanging the curtains over the windows) and I was out for the count.

Things I discovered on Day 2’s drive –

Reveling in the wonder of nature is a glorious thing.

I still have a near paralyzingly, irrational fear of driving over bodies of water in the dark – even worse in blinding rain in the dark. It was mid-day today before my knuckles were no longer white.

This journey is amazing already.

Photos from Day 2 –

Yes, driving a car on this track is a bucket list item!

Of course, I had breakfast at Waffle House!  Pecan waffles!!!!

The view from Lookout Mountain was stunning.  (See that post for more photos)

What was even more amazing was listening to the park rangers talk about the battles that were fought there. Imaging battalions of soldiers scaling that mountain – mind-blowing.

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